Sabtu, 26 April 2014

Where We Are Tour!

Where We Are Stadium Tour 2014! Yeah, this is the 3rd One Direction tour. 
- Up All Night Tour 2012 (Theater)
- Take Me Home Tour 2013 (Arena)
- Where We Are Tour 2014 (Stadium)

Wohoo! I'll send some pic (from official 1D twitter) here. hahaha, I know it's not important but I'm just in good mood to share, so here it is...

Here's the musicians :
from the left to right : Josh Devine (Drummer), Dan Richards (Guitarist), Sandy Beales (Bassist), Jon Shone (Keyboardist).

I'm so happy to hear that the boys are back on tour. But my country (INDONESIA) doesn't exist in the 'where we are' country list. But I wish that management would make a Where We Are Tour DVD.

Thank You! x